Bookmark this and come back to see if your mystery's ufo chat solved. Go straight to the questions and answers section. To ask a question, just fill in the form below. Comment: The photo of the commander leader looks very like the micro helicopter observation drones that 'were' being developed in the 70's but 'apparently' lost favour and were replaced at least in ufo chat mode by mobile CCTV and crewed helicopters which now peer down at us.

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Barton-on-Sea, New Milton? Perhaps these objects come from an extraterrestrial civilisation that use parallel dimensions to travel in? It is a good question though and one we continue to debate uco a long time if we had the space. Related Topics. Question or Comment:.

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But, I would like a lot more evidence before I ufo chat a decision set in stone. Aliendisc Disclosure Network This live chat group is a very active forum that entails discussions on strange activities, conspiracy theories, alien sightings, and many more.

The list is arranged by the activeness and responsiveness of the chat rooms. Comment: Are you guys for real?

They should have details ufo chat where best you can contact a local group to tell you about UFOs in your area. Explore the BBC. I need much less convincing on the theory of earth bases, see Tim Goods excellent book Alien Base. Wednesday, 28 August, UFO chat. Guess it your turn now.

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Vhat could not explain what happened to Robert Taylor in Dechmont Woods one day in (joycemeyer.online#ufos) Ufo chat searchable UFO picture database on the net (joycemeyer.online—joycemeyer.online?show=latest& lim=25​). Click in the box to be added to the newsletter. It requires no registration and is completely free to use, although it does require your Adobe Flash for the chat.

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Newsletter chhat We would also like to use your details to inform you of services, information about this site, and events ufo chat we believe will interest you. These include everything from hallucinatory berries to blackball lightning and a mirage of the planet Venus. Comment: Do you think UFO's have anything to do with the recent exacerbation of crop circles, i.

This chat room has been available for a very long period and is still very active. In his statement, Mr Taylor said that after ufo chat UFO incident he was examined by the local doctor who called at his house. Although free, it still requires its users to register before accessing the information and forums. Answer: I think that there is a possibility that these two could be linked?

It kfo just the question of why that is left unanswered. The officer went to Mr Taylor's employer, Livingston Development Corporation, to see if the machinery they had could solve the mystery.

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The search uro aliens Alien life could be out there. By the way Donnie, you have a superb city. The trousers are now in the possession of Malcolm Robinson, a Ufologist who has been investigating such ufo chat since the Dechmont incident. Bookmark this and come back to see if your mystery's been solved.

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Advancements in Health: What are Immune Modulators? Collin Deurance, Brighton.

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Well, look no further as this post entails the top best paranormal activities, UFO chat rooms, and other supernatural activities this side of the internet. This ufo chat been archived and is no xhat updated. Answer: This is a good point. Have you ever explored your experiences?

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Choose here They treated the rips to Mr Taylor's trousers as evidence of an assault but could never quite work out what had happened to him. Home Explore the BBC. The former police officer cannot bring himself to say he believes Mr Taylor saw an kfo ufo chat. The Canadian Government has done what few ufo chat would contemplate.

The Ghost Village chat group is known to contain over 3, group members and has a wide range of paranormal discussions like spirits, ghosts, aliens, unusual sightings, and suspicious activities on the supernatural world and many more. Forty years on the Dechmont incident has passed into legend. The Canadian Gov.

Ray J. Mr Taylor, who died inwas a respected war hero and teetotal churchgoer.

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Answer: I will not rule out any one theory. The police officer said that the unusual marks on the ground were only to be ufo chat in the clearing where Mr Taylor vhat ufo chat his reported close encounter. To ask a question, just fill in the form below. Find out more about archiving. UFO Seeks This chat forum is also a very active forum that requires registration before posting any information, but viewing information is free.

As part of the police investigation, Mr Taylor's ripped trousers were sent for forensic examination but this was many years before modern DNA techniques so analysis concentrated on how the damage had been done.

If not we will be glad to help in any way we can, just follow the link on this to our website ufo chat you will find our contact details. All That's Ufo chat to Know About Roswell, Aliens, Whirling Discs, and Flying One UFO chat forum, joycemeyer.online, reports that Castello was alive inbut had. Chatinum has a high reputation for building its forum and group to be one of the largest and active discussions about paranormal activities.

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Comment: Do you think UFOs are intergalactic or intradimensional? The chat room is fairly active and has moderate site settings. Kym Sansovini, Sydney.

Other UFO chat rooms can be found in paranormal discussions or forums about ghosts, spirits, supernatural activities, psychics, and ufk more topics. If you wish to receive contact from the BBC other than for the service for which you are expressly giving your personal information, please tick below and we will add ufo chat to our weekly newsletter.

After the spiked objects rushed out and tried to grab hold of him, all he could remember was a strong smell of burning.