Welcome to Rikashay Kennels. Puppies bgeeders available! About Us. We have raised Miniature Australian American Shepherds for over fifteen years. Selectively chosen genetics has allowed us to maintain the breed standard while ensuring a wonderfully intelligent and social puppy. Even after raising puppies for over fifteen years, we have never produced an unhealthy family pet.

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Animals American Eskimo Puppy - Family raised, loving puppy, first set of puppy shots/worming, vet checked, parents on site, male puppy, Full Blood american.

American eskimo breeders in oklahoma city

Happiness is a fuzzy white puppy that grows up to become your best friend. You need cigy get your puppy from a loving breeder who pets, gives it plenty of attention, and from the beginning doesn't allow "bites.

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"Click here now to view all Oklahoma American Eskimo Dog Rescue Groups and Oklahoma County po boxOklahoma City, OK MAP IT. Our adult dogs are also well taken care of, as breedrrs has their own large grassy run 20'x20'but also covered shelter via sun shades and their own houses. Even a handful is not enough! Get on our list for future liters!

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Qmerican City, Oklahoma I think Mom left the door open! MikiQannik and Sport's Shiloh loves to play in the grass with his mom. Fill out the Purchase Agreement!

Puppies from Trinity American Eskimos. Contact Linda Wheatley 6 to 9 p.

Leave a message and we will call you back. We ih sell to purchasers who plan to crate their puppies while they are at work.

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Through every season, an American Eskimo will be your loyal and constant companion. Welcome to Rikashay Kennels.

American eskimo breeders in oklahoma city

But Mom, the field trip was her idea Eskies will win your heart. This is a healthy, adaptable. Bring the dog over to the destroyed object or messthen take the rolled-up newspaper and hit yourself over the head as you repeat the phrase, "I forgot to watch my dog!

American eskimo breeders in oklahoma city

My laughter is contagious! When they get dirty, it falls off when they dry. Daddy is a good Sport and plays gently with us!

American eskimo breeders in oklahoma city

About. Miki Qannik means Little Snowflake in Eskimo. Princess C'Meer.

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All of our puppies are sold on a pet only contract. We require a non-refundable deposit of half of the purchase price of your puppy to hold it for you until it is ready to your family.

Berdoodle Saint Bernard - St. He also won the best Bred By Exhibitor Puppy.

American eskimo breeders in oklahoma city

F ill in the purchase agreement so you can reserve a little one! Even after raising puppies for over fifteen years, we have never produced an unhealthy family pet. Their new owner must then make grass available on a regular basis!

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Fskimo beautiful, white, and fluffy American Eskimo Dog comes in three sizes and is highly intelligent -- sometimes too much so. TWO toy American Eskimo puppies!

American eskimo breeders in oklahoma city

Knowing that your puppy comes from champion parents gives you confidence that you will have a pet with great genes. Then we lead them back into the house where they can play on the carpet for about 30 minutes when they tire out and need to go outside once more before taking another long nap Contact Linda Wheatley to reserve your puppy now!

In the house, Miki tries to keep Shiloh in his nursery swimming pool, but he's discovered he can escape! A rolled up newspaper can be an effective pet training tool when used properly.

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MikiQannik was a champion at 18 months. Daddy Sport teaching 5-week old Joy the fine art of playing with a Squeaky. Charity left started her show career in Denton, Texas where she won Best of Breed breeeders her very first show! Puppies currently available! Since Not only are they winners in the conformation ring but also in temperament and intelligence.